Legowelt poster

DH, 08/02/2013 – With all his aliases and side- projects, Danny Wolfers might be suffering from identity crises. Catnip, the Chicago Shags, Gladio, Smackos, Smackulator, Squadra Blanco, Salamandos, Raheem Hershel and Venom 18 are just the few. Tonight, Danny Wolfers is performing in his own city as Legowelt which is his most famous and the most successful project.

Apart from raw synth fused live performance from Legowelt and Xosar as Trackman Lafonte & Bon Qui Qui, Paard van Troje and BAKK are also hosting house/techno/acid sounds from Pametex + Raoul as Kaalslag and warming up beats from BAKK’s resident Still Serious Nic.

 Legowelt tapes

Legowelt described his own music as a “hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack”. However, his latest album Paranormal Soul released last year for Clone Records floats in “more fluent psychedelic deep space”. Sounds like “not my cup of electronic music but probably a lot of people love the sound!” type of party. Hear it for yourself!


Tickets @ Cute But Wrong, KABK Stoor & Paard Presale 8,50 | Door 11,50 (including service-fee)

Paard Van Troje, Prinsegracht 12, 23h until the walls melt

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