Crystal PiteDH, 08/02/2013 – The Hague ballet dancing scene gained a poetic touch with the work of Nederlands Dans Theater’s (NDT) associate choreographer Crystal Pite. The Second Person, Plot Point (nomination for Benois de la Dance) and Solo Echo elicited standing ovations but then again, most of the performances coming from the workshop of NDT are producing the same effect on the audience.

Her story-telling and innovative style is literally dancing around the themes inherent to humans since eternity like love, loss and conflict – maybe not in that order though.

The evening with Crystal Pite  consists of two ballets. Parade is the ballet of imagination. The audience is forced to focus on puppets, Oven Belton’s music, costumes by Nancy Bryant and Wladimiro Woyno’s video projections. Frontier dances on the edge of known and unknown. The mysterious atmosphere is created with the help of special effects.

Lucent Dans Theater, 20h until you wish it never ends.

*Performances on 8, 9 February, 7, 8, 9 March 2013

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