After their performances in Leiden and Winsum, fabulous duo from South of France that goes by the name of Vialka will be coming to the Hague. According to their website Eric Boros and Marylise Frecheville will be holding acoustic and intimate performance in Elatiko, Sunday 10 February 2013.


Vialka emerged from a post genre world somewhere in France bringing into the present wicked sound of their voices, drums and baritone guitar. Their devilish and wandering  nature is taking them around the world which they are touring since the creation in 2002. Vialka draws inspiration both from modern and traditional sounds and continues to surprise with unusual collaborations that include Chinese folk-icon Xiao He and six-piece big band KIV Orchestra with members of the avant-klezmer band Kruzenshtern i Parohod. For the performances in India, Vialka constructed a solar-powered sound system. Super cool!


I suppose that instead of a ticket fee, a small contribution is appreciated though not needed. Magpie tried  to see some of the performances in Elatiko but miserably failed. Many others were of the same fate. However, you could be the lucky one. Never give up! And good luck!

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