Could it really be that you missed the talk  about shabby streets, thugs, brothels and syncopic rhythms? Don’t despair! Another session of slow and fast beats chasing each other guided by the spiky but silky melodies is on the way this weekend.

Theater Pepijn hosts the afternoon of tango coming from the strings of Tango Extremo, ensemble that is mixing the flavors of passion and persuasion to create unforgettable sensation of the Argentine tango. Leaded by Tanya Schaap’ violin, Tango Extremo is cooking the dish of excitement with the help of Ben van den Dungen’s soprano saxophone, Rob van Kreeveld’s piano, Oleg Fateev’s accordion and Marc van Rooij’s double bass.


This time they are presenting themselves with the new project Tango Novo which is an extraordinary blend of the Argentine tango, bossa nova, milonga and samba, sensuality, passion, romance and Brazilian rhythms.

That is not all though. Like their facebook page and send an email with your name to info@ jwajazz.nl. You’ll get the ticket for 7,5e instead of 17e. It will be waiting for you at the theater!

Theater Pepijn, 16:30h until… 7 April 2013 when they will be performing again!  Same place, the best hour!

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