What a superb way to spend this evening and every Monday evening in fact! Different choreographers at Korzo theater are giving weekly classes to everyone interested in movement, from amateurs to professional dancers. All levels and age groups are welcome! The Monday Movement Classes are also a unique way to have a chat with choreographers about their work as well as to experience and to participate in the process of designing sequences of movements.


This Monday’s Movement Class is hosted by Iván Pérez, Spanish born dancer and choreographer who developed his career in Nederlands Dans Theater. For the NDT workshops, he created two flourishing productions A Day Minute (2009) and A Transition (2010), both of which have been performed abroad. This season, Pérez will stop dancing with the NDT to focus completely on his career as a choreographer.

Monday Movement Class doesn’t require upfront registration. Just be there at 20h before other 19 participants as 20 is the maximum number of people in the room. And bring 7,5 e for one class or 50e for 10 classes.

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