You see this little magnifier on the right top corner of this page? If you type the word “Loos” you will find few relevant and irrelevant information about October’s edition of Loos’ regular event Wonderwerp and not even one word about Ephémère. Yet! So, what is it all about?

Ephémère is adjective, both masculine and feminine that signifies something short lasting, transitory or ephemeral. Ephémère is a term used in biology to describe a day lasting existence of flowers, insects or diseases.

In this case though  Ephémère is the monthly event that is gathering followers of “new” music, first of which is Martijn Barendregt, musician and composer who exchanged guitar for electronic music. He will perform with a “no-input-mixer setup”, playing “textures of sound over 4 speakers surrounding him and the audience”.

Ephemere_Poster5_feb20131-1024x723Improvisation is the main ingredient of his work as well as of the work of Renato Ferreira whose performance is to remain secret until the very start of it. Ferreira is a composer, improviser, double bass and tenor sax player, explorer of music and art, mediator between different disciplines and people. This is his sound.

FANI by Erin MckinneyNext one to perform is sound artist, composer of electronic/electroacoustic music Fani Konstantinidou who is spending her time determining how the cultural/social and individual background influences the listening process. Her live performance is inspired by people, ideas and places visited in the past six months.

The evening will be complete with an act titled “Next time, die consciously” by  Colin Hacklander (GOOD GOD), a self-taught drummer and composer. Judging by the explanation, he explores the core of life and death, love and hate while making sounds that are stepping into the abyss and out of it.

Is our brain developed enough to comprehend what is behind Ephémère ? Hear it to understand it!

Studio Loos, De Constant Rebequeplein 20B, Entrance: 3e, doors open at 20h, concert starts at 20:30h

*Poster design: Karl Ingi Karlsson

*Photo by Erin Mckinney

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