You will not believe what I’m about to write! Drums Please! Queen of Hearts and Alice are in Wonderland! Hm, no, that’s not really true.  It’s just a wish. Still, ♠ Love Potion ♥ PIP and ♣ Red Light Radio ♦ are in town, and they are about to Nu Disco Detroit Deep House your snake body!

POsterFake Love Real Hate Party is the least about fake love between Red Light Radio and The Hague’s PIP.  They are dating for the forth time, on this occasion joined by Love potion. There are hear-says, hoaxes, who knows what else that involves the words “hottest” and “dancefloor”, but I wouldn’t know how to connect the two.

Love or hate the line up that includes the names such are Antenna with a live act, Casper Tielrooij, Egbert Jan Weeber, Orpheo, Tako, Young Marco and 751. The last on the list is Miss Hollywood, PIP’s resident spicing up the things in Love Potion Room. Good music is known to bewitch the masses so… witch err watch out!

To mess up the things even more, party crew is inviting you to participate in two TWO 2 games. First, bring the used card from the playing deck, show it at the door and you’ll receive a special Love Potion drink. Second… Click!

Tickets are to be bought at the door until midnight for 8e. When the potion starts working, they go by the price of 10e!

PIP, Binckhorstlaan 36, Saturday 16 February, around midnight until you see the falling stars!

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