Every time I’m asked to describe Quirky, I start with “you know, it’s this place that looks like your living room”… And then I continue blabbing about old books that you can donate to Quirky’s bookshelves and new books that you can borrow. After that I jump to the fabulous carrot cake with perfect icing and I’m finishing with a chat about movie night.

But once a month, Quirky is really turning into someone’s living room while screening some quirky and less quirky movies on their liquid crystal display.

crips-strapped-n-strong-(dvd)On this Thursday’s program is “Crips, strapped ‘n strong”, a documentary about the violent lives of the Crips, a group of The Hague’s gangsters. Camera follows three gang members in their daily struggle to make a deal or escape the crime scene. Judging by the movie description, the Hague is not all about fairy tales. There are rip deals, coke and guns just around the corner.

There will be gangster style menu for hungry birds and oh, did I mention carrot cake? While you are there, take a look at Marko Anic’s explosive work on Quirky’s walls.

Quirky Lunchroom and Gallery,  Tasmanstraat 128, Thursday 20 February, 8pm

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