As usual Korzo comes up with incredible ideas and tends to host outstanding happenings. This time, they invited multidisciplinary theater group Hotel Modern to give life to their live animation theater play De baard van God/God’s beard. Beard God

Hotel Modern is using scale models and miniature cameras, visual art, puppetry, music, film and live performance to create extraordinary stories right in front of your eyes. With their work that is depicting sometimes detached nature of the human’s relations in a “refined, confronting and poetic” way, the group is also seeking to foster sense of reconciliation.

The topics Hotel Modern deals with are deeply connected with the horrors of war. Previous works include theatrical portrait of Auschwitz (Kamp) or the image of the First World War through the eyes of the soldiers (The GreatWar).

In God’s Beard, they are experimenting with nothing more and nothing less than time travel. Clay dolls, 40 apartment buildings, resurrection of the dead, sound of tornado coming from the tunnel and Chopin’s dissonances boost homesickness hiding around the corner. And then we leave the darkness of the tunnel and De Baard van God sees the light of the day…

hotel_modern_great_warHotel Modern was founded in 1997 by the actors Arlène Hoornweg and Pauline Kalker joined by the artist and performer Herman Helle.  The composers Arthur Sauer and Ruud van der Pluijm often collaborate with the group.

Join Hotel Modern on Thursday, 28 February or Friday 1 March or come on Saturday 2 March and share the meal with the actors in the Living kitchen of Korzo Theater. The play starts at 8:30pm, the dinner is served from 6:30pm on Saturday. Spend 15 euros for the play and the same amount of coins for the food. Superb!

*Images taken from Hotel Modern and Contemporary Performance

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