How do you announce an event that is happening every two weeks, at the same place, with the same crew behind the mixing console? What would be the best way to announce deep house party organized by Deep Down Society two times a month in 330 LIVE That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out for a few days until the answer hit me like a lightning – Robert Nowicki is the key! And here is how this story unfolds.

Robert Nowicki 330At the age of three, Robert moved from Belgrade in Serbia and spent part of his life in the Middle East trying to build his future on the wings of refined education in international schools. It’s none of my interest whether Robert works behind a desk, in the courtroom or next to the operating table during the day. What he does during the night is important – Robert is mixing and blending previously recorded music. In other words, he spends his nights (some of them at least) as a disk jokey. What started as a hobby with the first ever bought record of Boney M, became a profession for at least 7 years.

MP: What changed since Boney M in your approach to music? What is it that you like to play today?

RN: My approach to music is that i keep up with the new developments each day, for the last 25 years. Electronic music had always been a big passion of mine. It started with disco sounds of Giorgio Moroder, for example, and continued with more electronic pop of Depeche Mode, Vince Clarke and New Order. Today I mostly play techouse with  a lot of percussion involved. Percussion keeps the crowd moving!

MP: CD, MP3 or vinyls?

RN: I guess all three although cds and mp3 prevail at the moment. I don’t get my vinyls in The Hague. Mostly I’m getting them in online stores like Decks records.

Deep Down SocietyMP: What is Deep Down Society? What’s your role there?

RN: Deep Down Society is an idea, a concept really, made up by two brothers from Romania that are currently studying in The Hague – Vlad Hatze (With Two) & Ioan Hategan (Lowann). Their idea was to bring people from Eastern Europe together on the dance-floor with some lovely deep house tunes. However, this idea spread like a virus affecting all the party people in The Hague. I’m a resident DJ at their events.

MP: Favorite spot in the Hague where you could lose sense of time?
RN: At the moment it has to be 330 Live. That’s where our next party will take place. Deep Down Society is organizing bi-monthly parties, the first one coming up on Friday 1 March.

Here’s the line up:

♛ Robert Nowicki (tech house/techno)
♛ Morgon (tech progressive house)
♛ With Two (deep house)
♛ Romeo Pires (house/techno)
♛ Lowann (G house)

330 Live, Korte Molenstraat 2,  Friday 1 March, free entrance

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