De Gin GinI waited and waited and waited and the best club night finally reappeared in the Hague’s PIP. Gin Gin is not electro, trash, rock or 80’s pop. Gin Gin is a joyful, delicious blend of boogie, jump, 60’s soul, latin, afro funk, soul jazz, disco and beat. Since Gin Gin is supposed to be monthly club night, I’m assuming there are more Gin Gin’s to come!

Steven de Peven [rednose distrikt, amsterdam]
Ari Deelder [radio 6, rotterdam]
Ramona von E [blackstripe, rumble in the beatcave, den haag]
Ben Penn [redlightradio, radio 6, de gingin, tilburg]

Pssssst! You can get a sneak preview of Ramona’s choice of music this Thursday at… Wait and read!

PIP, Binckhorstlaan 36, Saturday 23 March, 9pm until the boogieman arrives!

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