It could be that Open Mic Night – the cradle of the finest amateur musicians – is not your thing. Or it could be that this Wednesday you want to hear and see something different. If later is the case, the night of Butoh and percussion in Villa K is the solution.

ButohThe group Ø, composed of two movers – Michiyasu Furutani and Yoshihiro Shimomura – and one instrumentalist Mangrove Kipling  will be performing a piece called WAR, an original composition for noise music and Butoh. Through poetic and introspective approach to the phenomena of War, these three artists are trying to determine its impact on the everyday life of people. They emphasize that the state of shock can influence the loss of rational and civilized behavior, language deterioration and loss of proper communication abilities.

While witnessing the expressive dance of Noise and Butoh on stage, the audience will inevitably enter the world of internal contemplation and reflection. Check Prelude to war and War in progress.

Butoh 2Michiyasu Furutani resides in Berlin where he is researching Butoh as well as modern, contact, classic and improvisation techniques in order to find a new expression way.

Yoshihiro Shimomura mastered many dance techniques – ballet, jazz, street dance, and traditional Japanese dance. Yoshihiro prefers performing in alternative spaces such are abandoned buildings, temples, and public areas.

Villa K (let me know if you need the address), 9pm, entrance is free but donations are welcome.

*photo taken from here.

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