Apart from wide selection of documentaries and feature films, Movies that Matter  festival will host number of music acts, starting with the performance of Kalangkang, group of musicians playing kecapi suling music.

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I agree, that was rather empty description and my short research didn’t give a lot of results. I was left puzzled with the names of new styles, instruments and music approaches. What I can say with almost 100 percent certainty is that the style finds its roots in West-Javanese (Sundanese) music and that kecapi and suling are in fact instruments, played by Renadi Santoso and Jessica Polak. Kecapi is flat, twenty-stringed zither with tinkly and sparkling sounds and suling is a six-hole bamboo flute.

SSTAfter Kalangkang’s peaceful chamber music (longer research provided me with more results), the room will be filled with soulful mix of Gypsy Swing, South-American Rumba & Bossa and French accordion music performed by The Strong and Silent Types.

The idea to form a band sparked more than 10 years ago during Django Reinhardt’s music festival, in between small French pints and nights of happy jamming. No one knows who came up with the idea but it is clear that pursuing the goal was splendid  investment.

Listen to Kalangkang from 7:20 to 8pm, check the Act of Killing and come back to the Foyer to see the performance of The Strong and Silent Types. Quality evening guaranteed!

Teather aan Het Spui, foyer, Spui 187, from 7:20pm


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