This Saturday will be Great for at least two reasons. The first one is obvious: it precedes Catholic Easter thus it has to be Great by the letter of the church. The second reason is more fun: this Saturday will be the greatest as Natallya Ryzhykava, hosts NATA RYZH sample sale.

Nata 1MP: Who is Natallya Ryzhykava

NR: Woman – Fashion Designer

MP: Your past, present and future

NR: Experience – Work – Growth

Natallya is THE person that knows the clothes. Literally, she knew clothes even before they became clothes, from the design stage to the placement of the final product in the shop. Few years ago, Natallya branded NATA RYZH, clothing line for modern, confident woman heading for high-end design, quality, and elegance.

Nata 2MP: What’s behind Nata Ryzh

NR: Style – Simplicity- Modernity

MP: Your colors, patterns, lines

NR: Basic – Geometrical – Minimal

Collections are functional, timeless and innovative, easy to wear and style. As a proud owner of two pieces I can confirm that NATA RYZH designs bring unique prints, flattering lines and amazing textures.

Your items from Nata Ryzh old collections are waiting for you in Natallya’s Studio. Apart from the items from the old collection, you can purchase second hand shoes, bags, clothes and art books. And ladies, watch out for the shoes! They come in different sizes and have been used only once at the cat walk!

There is a good cause behind it all – by coming to The Greatest Spring Saturday Sale, you are helping Natallya purchase a new computer that will give life to  her incredible designs. The money left will go towards the project Together We Fashion 

MP: What is the aim of Together we Fashion
NR:  Awareness – Learning – Interconnection

Nata 3

Together We Fashion is another simple yet very effective idea that works on the premise that fashion can be created with the efforts of everyone in the community. Send the photo of your lovely face or a quote, a thought, a poem or anything that comes to your mind to Natallya and there is a chance she will make a print and a garment out of it that will be part of Amsterdam’s Fashion Week in July.

However, for this collection to be put on stage, Natallya needs to raise about 100.000 euro that will be used to pay textile, colors, prints, models, designers, photographers, make up artists and all the other people we don’t even think exist. This is the place to support the project.

Still, not everything is in the money – share, promote, talk, show that you care and something important – as important as a job contract – will be in the store for you. Read more about it. And don’t forget to visit Natallya’s Big Spring Sample & Second-hand Sale. It’s worth the time!

Raamweg 47 and then follow the signs, Saturday 27 March, 10am until 6 pm or longer!

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