Lilian Hak by Wouter Vandenbrink colourMissing Lilian Hak  in the Hague means that you will have to get yourself a ticket for her concert in Budapest at A38. Yep, that’s where she will perform on 6 April after finishing the gig in Paard van Troje. But look at it from the brighter side! That would be a perfect occasion to make a hair cut appointment with Krisztian Koncz, the wizard with scissors that unfortunately left this beautiful city to move to Hungary. There are hairdressers you simply can’t replace…  And I will leave this thought in the air a bit…

Okay, if Hungary and magic scissors seem too many hours and euros away, you can still drown your sorrow in the sensual sounds of Lilian’s music. Yes, after all, she will be playing at several concert venues, theaters and festivals in the Netherlands, in the weeks to come.

Lilian Hak by Hanneke WetzerHow to describe Lilian Hak? Take Rita Hayworth, Julie London and Marge Simpson, put them in Bacall and Bogart movies, add a bit of James Bond feel and play Miles Davis soundtrack on the streets of Paris. Or just look at her picture while listening to Old Powder, New Guns.  Her music is smokey and sensual, her songs emerge from a place full of characters, colors and landscapes, the sound is electronic, yet suiting.

Apart from the album making, Lilian Hak tried her luck in the theater, writing and producing two shows for travelling festival De Parade. In the shows, she sang Lonesome People, the song that “makes listeners want to get up and stand heavy-hearted, watching raindrops drip down from their 1930’s style apartment building”. Awwww!

What are you still doing on this page? This is the place to be!

Paard van Troje, Prinsegracht 12, Thursday, 4 April, 8:30pm until the dual wield with Sergio Leone!

*Photos Wouter Vandenbrink and Hanneke Wetzer

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