Here it goes: SHMLSS is in the city! To be more precise, SHMLSS is at the beach, at the opening of the beach club Indigo. And they rock! Actually they disco! Or better put – they Nu-Disco! And they Future-House!

Bart van Manen & Michiel Lancee started dj-ing in the summer of 2009 (irrelevant information) mostly in and around Utrecht (relevant information). Something even more relevant is the following fact: they are going to fill the club with pure energy that will make you dance and smile all night long. Mhm! That’s SHMLSS!

IndigoAlways be yourself, unless you’re SHMLSS. If you are SHMLSS, stay SHMLSS! Can’t get simpler than that. But, it can get just a tiny bit more complicated (or more crowded) at the opening of Indigo!

SHMLSS is playing along with Eric de Man who is spinning some classic (future) house  and Mister Fortyfive whose funky disco was already featured on these pages.

Indigo is a deep and bright shade of blue and THE beach bar for this summer. They want to be different (always good) and they plan to do it by being happy, disco, mad and sweet.

So, let’s pretend winter is gone and… Let’s Indigo!

Indigo, Zwarte Pad 65, Saturday 13 April, 10pm until the sun comes up! Watch out – don’t forget to get your tickets. Here!

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