If you would engage yourself in something as inspiring as observation of humans, what would you see? Which habits, language, objects, people have, use, worship? What is meaningful and what is meaningless? There are billions of right answers to these ones, Nicole O’Niel’s video art is giving just a few.


The title of the exhibition “By Daylight” is supposed to point the viewers to the content of O’ Neil’s videos: the banality of everyday life and harsh blows of reality outside of dream world. O’Niel captures the inner struggle of her subjects coping in their own way with inevitability of reality and the outer expression of that struggle through series of gestures and expressions.

The author allows herself to portray sometimes blurred line between normal and deviant, inside and outside. She is sending the message that there are other forms of knowledge that can’t be expressed in coded forms of language and invites the viewer to scratch the surface and search for the understanding of the things that remain unveil.

1646, Boekhorststraat 125, grand opening on Friday, 26 April at 7pm. The exhibition is on until 25 May

What’s your say on human behavior? Use the comments to share your thoughts!

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