REGKAM1copy_fw_cI like it because Doctor Bernard Berkhout orchestra was playing there. And I like it because Lindy Hoppers were swinging there. And I like it because it’s THE place to listen to gipsy jazz!  And why wouldn’t I like it?  Do you like it? Say yes!

LIndyYou have no idea what I’m taking about, right? Well, this venue I keep on liking for the past 245 characters is called De Regentenkamer – the Regents Room – and this weekend it is celebrating its 23rd birthday. The best age, isn’t it? But then again, every age is!

Maybe it is not in line with the (miss)conception of gipsy tradition that it is nourishing (we like it!), but De Regentenkamer did settle down. After moving around, of course. The place was first located within the Regents’s Room of the Hofje van Nieuwkoop which is where its name is coming from. Then it moved to Laan van Meerdervoort, then on the Lange Beestenmarkt and at the moment it is located on the Noord West Buitensingel.

Regentenkamer is the stage where young and old, known and unknown, can find the oportunity to develop their artistic skills – be it music, theater or fine arts. Apart from wide range of musical styles – including jazz, gipsy, world, vocal – the place is also hosting evenings for the admirers of poetry and literature, as well as exhibitions for painters, photographers, graphic or  fashion designers.

Hague Jazz ProjectBirthday celebration starts with Cooking jazz at 6pm sharp. This means you can eat an Indonesian meal for 12,5e while listening to live music performed by Regentenkamer Combo, bunch of musicians warming up the place for the party.

At 8pm, the oldest jazz podium in the Hague will host the small big band The Hague Jazz Project with Birth of the Cool, followed by the uplifting sound of the Basily Family‘s Gipsy Swing. The Anton Burger All Stars boptet will complete the evening. As it is the case with birthday parties, there is a chance someone not announced might appear. But, pssssst!

Apart from the horrible design (very basic website, no photos to be found, poster is just… not acceptable) and sometimes the smell of the humidity, this place is great! But then again, jazz goes perfect with smokey basements and humidity loves the underground. So do I!

De Regentenkamer, Cort Heyligersstraat 4, Saturday 27 April, 6pm until… what do I know, go and check it out for yourself! And send the photos you’ve made!

*Photos and photos

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