Alon Nashman in Kafka & SonFive stars remind me of high level of humidity accompanied with low pressure, salmon fishing in Tweed river and constant feeling of drowsiness caused by the Scottish playful climate. It all happened somewhere in August last year while I was visiting Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the absolute winner of the theater festivals cemented in my agenda. Just a year before, Edinburgh Fringe was hosting Alon Nashman who triumphed in a play Kafka and Son – A Life Together, directed by Mark Cassidy.

Rigorous festival critics of Edinburgh guide gave it ★★★★★ as did The Stage and Fringe Guru. The play was described as “staggeringly insightful…simply breathtaking… packed with edgy energy and booming heart… captivating, absorbing, disturbing recreation of Kafka’s feelings for his father”.

Alon Nashman in Kafka & SonThe story came out of the undelivered letter 36 year old, painfully honest Kafka wrote to his overbearing Jewish father Hermann, revealing deep connections between his life and his fiction. “All my writing was about you”, were the words he confessed to his father.

Kafka and Son is aching yet hilarious surgical cut through the pores of domestic authority and a revelatory visit by one of the architects of the modern psyche.

The play, brought to you by STET The English Theater can be seen at Koninklijke Schouwburg, on 14, 15, 16 May, at 8:30pm. Tickets are pricey but think of it like this – Compared to the plane ticket to Edinburgh, 22,50 for Kafka and Son in the Hague counts as nothing!

Tickets can be purchased online in the STET Ticketshop. And if you are a good writer and you have a story to tell about  Your Dad, there is a chance to win two free tickets. This competition runs until Monday 13 May. Share your story here!

Alon Nashman in Kafka & Son

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