If we are to believe definitions given by Wikipedia and Free Dictionary, Flashmob: Urban Gardening will be happening in the city (Urban), more precisely in Prins Hendrikstraat, where a group of people will gather to perform unusual act(s) and then quickly vanish (Flashmob) in order to help the others grow and cultivate plants (Gardening).

Urban GardeningThe event description doesn’t say much more but I suppose participation in a flashmob might require that you show up with instruments, voice, theater skills, improvisation techniques or anything else that might fit the definition of an unusual act such as flashmob. Your ideas can be shared in advance with the creative team of Den Haag In Transitie or you can show up on the spot and do your thing!

Urban gardening 3As for the gardening part, you might need gloves, plants, water and a bit of creativity!

After two hours, all the performers, gardeners (maybe even the plants) will gather at Quirky for a 300 Likes Dance Party. You need more info? Come to the party!

Going by the slogan “The power of the local community!”, Den Haag in Transitie is an initiative that facilitates the coming together of the local community to make positive changes in their way of living, housing and working. From the greening of the neighborhood and the exchange of services to the more conscious use of energy, waste and consumption.

Prins Hendrikstraat, 18 May

Part 1:  3pm to 5pm – Urban Gardening Flashmob

Part 2: 6pm to 11pm 300 likes Dance Party! @ Quirky




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