This might be the weirdest post I’m ever going to write but on the other hand it fulfills the requirements – it is happening in the Hague, you might have fun doing it and it is golden both to you and your surroundings. So here it goes: Pump up your tires!

TiresYes. That’s my choice for Thursday, 16 May. I’m sending you to GAMMA Den Haag-Dekkershoek where you can actually get some help in inflating your tires. And you are doing it because you want to avoid early tire wear, blowouts and bad fuel economy. Did I say blowouts? Ah, you really don’t want to end up with a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Believe me on this one.

And now some scary facts: Under-inflated tires consume 2 to 5 percent of extra fuel per year which is around 150 to 400 million liters of fuel wasted in the Netherlands. The additional emissions of CO2 can reach 1 million tons. Scary, no?

Well, the Municipality of the Hague has this idea to actually improve air quality and reduce unwanted emissions. In making it happen, they came up with the plausible equation: if we put more pressure in the tires, there will be less pressure on the air, health, roads and at the end your wallet.  It’s really simple: to get the pressure down, put some pressure up. In your tires, please.

Public parking Gamma, Dekkershoek 171, Thursday, 16 May, 10am to 5pm

In case you are really busy this Thursday there are four more occasions to the same:

20 June 2013 City parking, Laan 5-7
18 July 2013 CS-New Babylon, Prinses Irenestraat 1
22 August 2013 Bijenkorf, Gedempte Gracht 28
22 August 2013 Veerkaden, Amsterdamse Veerkade 30

Don’t be lazy, put the pressure up!


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