There are ways and ways to advertise one city. Vienna decided to do it with the little help of American street artist Mark Jenkins who created 7 life-size plastic dolls carefully placed in The Hague’s shopping streets.

1Jenkins is using transparent packing tape to make dolls that could easily be mistaken for real people. Especially when you see them all dressed up in cloths visible daily in our surroundings. But then you notice they look rather absurd, surprising, in a way morbid but humorous enough and are guaranteed to attract attention of passers-by.  Next to them are pictures of Vienna, representing five senses that could be tickled while visiting Austrian capital – sound, sight, touch, smell and taste.

Dolls are stuck in a moment of time doing usual business on unusual places or unusual business on usual places.

2There is a fisherman with his fishing rod or a woman with her head buried in the Sacher Cake. There is also a couple sharing a passionate kiss in front of a picture of Klimt’s Kiss, a boy giving a carrot to Lipizzaner Horse at the Spanish Riding School, or a man painting while it is raining cats and dogs.  A bit surrealistic, for sure.

Check them out at Plaats, Hoogstraat and Noordeinde, until 27 May.

* Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4


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