Plazza 2Here’s a bit of a challenge for all the sea souls and sand fools looking for sea lust while walking around the shore with their camera. This camera might have produced something you are proud of so don’t be shy – grab those photos that are answering the question What is your view on the sea and submit them to Satellietgroep by 2 June at 2pm.

Photos will be published on Satellietgroep’s facebook page becoming available for others (including yourself) to vote for their favorites. It is not a surprise that the person with the most votes will be proclaimed ultimate winner on 2 June at 3:30pm. Winner doesn’t take it all this time, just a small prize, a weekend in Badgast for two!

Let’s the creativity shine!

Plazza 1

Satellietgroep is an NGO, artist run initiative that is using art and culture to explore how the sea and waterways influence cities, people, communities and environment. They invite artists and scientists to jointly develop and present research articulating a cultural, innovative and sustainable significance of the sea and its coasts. In close collaboration with international artists, scientists, curators and guest curators, Satellietgroep develops a contemporary Sea Collection On Coastal Transitions. They develop new concepts and strategies for a new approach to future sea and coastal urban areas.

Badgast is located in the middle of the surfing village FAST, the Urban Beach Community at the hinge point of promenade and harbor in The Hague at Scheveningen.

Deadline: 2 June, 3:30pm

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