Even though these are highlights of the Hoogtij, most of the exhibitions will run a few more days. So if you miss them tonight, be sure to spend a cultural weekend! Follow the map or the route suggested here and let’s go!

P.S. Check these exhibitions too!

dafna1646 – Screening of two video works (Muse on Break and Like Seitlax) by Dafna Maimon. She finds inspiration in the attempt to survive “this uncontrollable lifespan with a smile on our face”. Maimon‘s works are mostly short, single channel video pieces, which swing between witty one-liners, staged performances and narrative film-making.

Arte Sin Limites – Paintings, drawings and sculpture. Visual artists Lego Lima, Wilma Kun and Eugenie van Raaij give their own interpretation of the theme  “Human Jungle”.

PhotoB139 – Documentary photography. A number of photographers take you on the sensational, emotional and airy journey. There will be some music played and some drinks to sip.

Filmhuis – Exhibition. Jacco Olivier and Sabrina Ratte use digital and painting techniques to deconstruct and reconstruct landscapes exhibited in the Studio of the Filmhuis into Inner Lands landscapes. You can wander around, explore, come closer, look, leave or return.

Galerie Helder  – Exhibition. Check out Leonard van de Ven’s drawings and paintings and Jans Muskee’s work that is on the border of two-and three-dimensional work. What is that, I wonder, I wonder…

BrodGalerie Maurits van de Laar –  Paintings, drawings. Rens Krikhaar presents a different view on the seascape. Ships painted in just few strokes of the brush or the clash of light, dark and almost hallucinatory colors depicting violent scenes of burning and exploding warships.

Gemak – Exhibitions, Movies. Works of Mischa Kuball, Obbe Tiddens, Ibrahim I. Ineke on display. Exhibition: Kustweek Zuid Holland (Coastal Week). Presentation of the Satellite Group’s project: ‘Anthropogenic Coastal Atlas’. The project aims to emphasize the importance of subjective cartography by merging the cultural and human environmental impact with scientific data. There is also a movie program in Flex.

annika021Grafische Werkplaats – Graphic Design and Oh, I love this one! Marloes Kroeze, Neeltje Schoenmaker, Annika Syrjämäki, Ilse Versluijs and four guests are invited to make an art item on the piece of paper or fabric that is minimum 10 feet high (304.8 feet = 0.3048 m ). The result of the project are fabric designs, wallpapers and paper prints of eight artists/designers. The exhibition is also on display on 1 and 2 June from 13.00-17.00.

In Your Living Room – Exhibition. If posters can be created on demand, what does that mean to our perception of them? This project is an experiment on a poster that refreshes itself endlessly to current relevant matter. Can we design a poster that shows an interpretation of the current world at all times? And what happens when you do, can this application be thought of as a representation of the future?

JCA de Kok –Exhibition. The title of the exhibition is Capriccio, based on the last opera by the German composer Richard Strauss. In the opera, the central question is what is more important in the arts: words or music. Similarily, in the exhibition Capriccio, the viewer is to answer the question: the  image or music? The exhibition will be on until Sunday June 2.


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