These spaces – along with the ones I wrote about here – are the center of attention on Friday, 31 May during Hoogtij. However, most of the exhibitions will last throughout the weekend and in the days to come so make sure not to miss them. They are worth it! Follow the map or the routes suggested here!


Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus – Photo exhibition “A bunch of metaphysical connections”. Beautiful work of Krista Van der Not, Edwin Deen and Koen Hauser that appeals to our aesthetic experience. Explore how their different techniques and their particularities fit together.

RaquelMaulwurf2LondonLivingstone Gallery – Works on paper and photography. Raquel Maulwurf exhibits her amazing drawings under the title ‘Scratching the Surface’ while Jan Dibbets shows photos from the series ‘Colour Studies’, ‘Cupolas’ and ‘Water: Point of View’. I love the look on burning London!

Nest  – Exhibition Abstract Myths. Hans den Hartog Jager brings artists together to explore the legacy of modernism combined with their own critical social-oriented approach. Works by Kasper Akhøj, Martijn Hendriks, Rob Johannesma, Anna Ostoya, Maarten Overdijk, Dieuwke Spanish and Roy Villevoye. Does this sound boring?

Nouvelles Images – Paintings, Sculpture. New paintings by Hamid el Kanbouhi, sculptures by Piet Tuytel, Nel Linssen’s jewelry, Lucassen’s paintings. I would skip this one, for now.

NUthuisNutshuis – Sound and I like this, do you like this? Aline Weyel, Andy Ingamells, Janneke van der Putten and Julia Reist will give a taste of what´s in store in July, when they perform the work that will conclude their Master´s programme in Artistic Research.  Andy Ingamells focuses on music characterised by formality, control and subtle changes in the circumstances, whereas Janneke van der Putten uses sound, her voice, language and musical notation in relation to the space in which she is performing. Together with Aline Weyel and Julia M.C. Reist, they will fill the evening with memorable performances.  The Off the Grid exhibition will also be open during HOOGTIJ.

Project Space Parterretrap – Installations created by Martijn Grooten & Eric van der Kooij. And that’s all I could say about this. Just to add – my brain never managed to understand the magic behind installations while I failed to put any heart and soul in them. Maybe installations are something for you?  Please, share the thoughts in the comment section.

Quartair Draw&Drink 2Quartair  – Sketch party Draw & Drink. You can’t miss it tonight. All the visitors turn the Wheel of Fortune and that gives them the drawing subject for the evening – Love, Murder, Misery… All drawings will be exhibited the same evening.  Bring your own drawing gear, they provide the paper! Wooho!!!

REFUNC – Interactive. During Hoogtij, visitors try to find new use for the old objects. Could be fun.

Vonkel – Oil paintings. Abstract art by Dirk Bours. Bours is using shapes, compositions, structure and rhythm to decompose еveryday street scenes – buildings, industrial and urban landscapes in his immediate surroundings, while still trying to create a sort of a balance between abstract and real. The artist finds the inspiration in the city that is constantly changing. He is managing to transmit the change to his work by applying multiple layers of paint one over the other. This result is a mixure of different ideas that construct the painting of new reality. Serious.


West  – Video exhibition. Leopold Kessler explores the boundaries between the individual and society and between private and public. He makes minor interventions on the street or in an exhibition space. Interventions that can be subtle, but always accurate and site-specific. A skater pool becomes a dump station for furniture and old street signs are repaired. With his work Kessler comments on life, questions the notion of someone’s property and gives the viewer reason to fantasize. In addition, he shows recognizable and sometimes funny sides of the bourgeoisie and gives conditions for a discrete revolution. At West he will show a series of video works that question the limits of rules and their necessity.



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