PIPThe Incredible Journey is a children’s book telling the story of Luath, Bodger and Tao, two dogs and a cat that traveled close to 500 km through rough Canadian  landscape trying to find their beloved masters. The story depicts their stress and suffering as well as undoubted loyalty and courage that they showed during this demanding journey.

The Incredible Journey into Another Night Out is not a children’s book. Not a book at all, in fact. And it doesn’t depict stress and suffering. However, it is highly demanding. It is an all night long event demanding that you relax and board on a musical, cinematographic, artistic journey through TodaysArt Festival.

Musical part of this journey consists of several acts by some DJ’s I’ve never heard of like KOBIE and DICK&PIET. But since their artistic names are written in capital letters and they are in the line up in PIP, I am sure they promise a good party. And then there is Marius with live act, a golden boy of NON Records that is bringing electro sounds that recall of James Bond as much as Kill Bill. Next one to perform is Philou Louzolo with his funky, disco, deep, underground, soulful house that will be replaced by Still Serious Nic’s electronic beats.

Pirate Cinema 1Cinematographic/Artistic part of this journey is what is tickling my senses the most. Pirate Cinema and UHM joined their forces to bring out multimedia works and performances by several artists. I know, it doesn’t sound much. But it’s worth the time, believe me!

There will be film and video projections delivered by mobile bicycle cinema – amazing, right? And then there is also Pirate Cinema Dome; a geodesic tent of 6,5 diameter, equipped with an audio surround set and a projection screen functioning on solar panels. Very creative and eco-friendly on top of it! Convinced?

Pirate Cinema 3
In case you were wondering, Pirate Cinema is mobile installation for outdoor film screenings, performances and music. Naturally there is audio-visual and sound system that can function while moving or standing still using the energy produced by solar and pedal battery charging. That just sounds too amazing to be true!

DOmeAnd UHM is an artist-run initiative with a goal to stimulate artistic creation of visual art, music, dance, poetry, film, cooking, design, philosophy, theater, photography…  That has all been happening at the temporary UHM exhibition and project space in the center of The Hague at Jan Hendrikstraat 62-72. And I have no idea if it’s still going on but I’ll check and let you know!

So, I’ll see you at TodaysArt Festival? Right? Then we can pedal together to PIP’s Incredible Journey to Another Night Out!

PIP X TODAYSART @ Club PIP, Binckhorstlaan 36, Friday 27 September 2013, 8pm to 4am. Free entrance with a TodaysArt ticket, €5 without


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