F.A.S.TSome things are simply inevitable. The English will inevitably have tea at five and The Dutch will inevitably talk about the weather. And that will not be the small talk about beach time and rain but the serious conversation about few shy rays of Sun running away in front of hordes of raindrops pouring on us. But before the Queen of Fall takes the throne this coming Sunday at 22:44pm, its humbleness the Summer will be around for at least one more Saturday this weekend. And you’ll wave good-bye to it with a big smile while dancing to the beats coming from F.A.S.T End of Summer festival!

Music starts at 4:30pm with 50’s rock&roll sounds from The Dirty Reminders. I’m already thinking of polka dot dresses, bare feet in the sand and colorful cocktails.


Around 6pm, Taymir takes the stage with their authentic pop songs in the 60’s beat tradition, daring as Arctic Monkeys and powerful as The Strokes. The set of F.A.ST surf village residents Piñata at 7:15pm will probably not start with Bésame Mucho albeit the name of the band unless they did a cover in the mix of reggae, pop, ska, hip-hop en surf.

Evening program kicks off with a true energy kick coming from Convoi Exceptional. Do you hear what I hear? Listen to the percussion and brass section! 8:30pm!


And look at this picture! They have so much passion to share that you don’t, I repeat DO NOT want to miss this gig.

Friends of the FamilyIt’s 9:45pm and 8 musicians from indiefolk collective Friends of the Family take the stage with original melodies of English and American folk scene. You will be enchanted by the sounds of banjos, acoustic guitars, mandolins…  And Just before midnight at 11:15 we are back to percussions and brass with Jungle by Night, a band of 9 young lads that are reinventing afrobeats with their own mix of Ethiojazz, funk, dub and rock.They are the darlings of numerous festivals around Europe so check them out while they are in our garden.

It seems to me the fame is already taking its toll as they will be playing for one hour only to be succeeded by DJ Sunny Sjoerd and his sultry summer sounds. The festival ends with the live acts of electro-rock band Mannen met Snorren that are using synthesizers and electric guitars to transform golden oldies into danceable hits with steady beats.

The last ones to take the stage are  Kamelen Race DJ Team.  I’m not very convinced in their entertaining skills pictured on their event photos but not everything is in the looks! There is something in the pose as well!

As the event page is saying – future can not be predicted. However, I can promise that  this day will inevitably going to be the one to remember!  And that is inevitable, as inevitable as the tea at five or serious conversations about the Dutch weather.

living fast

Grab your tickets here for € 7.50 or wait until tomorrow and pay few bucks more at the door.

F.A.S.T, Adriaan Maasplein 2/Strandweg 1A, Saturday 21 September, 4:30pm until the Autumn comes.

Photos: Femque, Wim, Roeltje…

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