Kites 02The weather forecast for this weekend is rather promising so I advise you to take a walk along the beach and enjoy splash of colors coming from hundreds of kites taking part at the annual International Kite Festival.

Kite-flying professionals will demonstrate their skills in various kite disciplines such as power kiting with the hottest freestyle, precision, power and traction kites, stunt kite flying and large single-line kite flying. It doesn’t mean a lot to me but I’m sure it looks astonishing!

Kite 03

The sky will be visited by Looney Tunes characters, Bart Simpson, Winnie the Pooh and his friends, flying aquarium with lobsters sharks, cars, swirls… There will be the biggest kite in the world as well! 66 meters! Woohoo! To fly your own kite, walk next to Kite Arena or visit kite workshops taking place close to the Thai Box.

Scheveningen, Saturday 28 September| Sunday 29 September, all day event, on Saturday also in the evening!

Kite 04

*The website design is… well, don’t let it spoil the fun and just visit the beach this weekend. September is also the month when Dutch sky shows its most beautiful outfit so take your camera for splash of colors or game of multidimensional clouds. And send us some pics!

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