Ninth edition of TodaysArt Festival, the playground for adventurous visual and performing arts, one more time stepped out of the box in every sense of this catchy phrase. They went out of the theatres and cultural institutes and entered the building where National Crisis Centre, the Emergency Office and the Secret Service was located for years. The former building of Binnenlandse Zaken, or Ministry of the Internal Affairs was never before open to the public that will now have the chance to see numerous installations, performances and other works from all over the world.


The formal opening of the Festival is taking place at the Atrium of the City Hall, at 9pm with the performance by the visionary Morton Subotnick, American composer of early electronic music and one of the inventors of the first analogue synthesizer. Together with video artist Lillevan, Subotnick will perform the modern classic piece ‘Silver Apples of the Moon’ live for the first time in the Netherlands.

TodaysArt, Atrium of the City hall,  27 September – 21:00 – 22:00

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