Never judge a book by its covers or a library by its walls. The Little Free Libraries that are emerging all around the world don’t have walls at all, but they do serve the purpose – they store les livres, libri, or books.

Daguerrestraat by Marleen Sterker

Luckily these little gems can be found in the Hague as well, one on the Valkenboskade, near the crossing with the Mient, the other  on the corner of Namensestraat and Maastrichtsestraat in Scheveningen and then one more on the corner of Nunspeetlaan and Velpsestraat. Little FREE LIbrary 02

The whole project works on the premise that you will pick up a book (two, three) and bring back another book, two or three. These little “book booths” are a perfect gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. Just because you are not a next door neighbor shouldn’t stop you from paying them a visit. Happy reading!

The Little Free Libraries:





Frederik Hendrikplein


Little Free Libraries are emerging all over the city. There is one in Daguerrestraat and one on Frederik Hendrikplein. Swap books! Read more! 


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