Do you have two hours of your life to devote to rollerskating? Why not, I say! The next three Saturdays at noon, you can learn how to dance on roller-skates! People from Es Quint will show you some basic steps and in a blink of an eye you will be groovin’ around the floor.

"Roll-Back"Choreography: Abby Day and Jonathan "Goose" GoshornThe workshop lasts for 2 hours, but the space is limited so it’s good to reserve your place on time. And as you probably don’t have roller-skates, mention it in your reservation, Es Quint will provide a pair for you! They do need to know your shoe size so make sure you give them that info in advance. Five Euros you pay for the workshop will be given to poor and neglected children and orphans that need your help.

That’s what Es Quint Foundation is actually doing. They organize events and workshops to raise money that will be given to children in need of help. The funds raised at this workshop go the Pa van der Steur organisation in Indonesia. Kids that do not receive the proper care, neglected children and orphans are taken to the orphanage where they offered education and better ground to start a life build on the grounds of a stable childhood.

Bink 36, Binckhorstlaan 36, Unit C156, Saturday 5, 12, 19 at noon, until you learn how to skate!

€ 5 including skates

* photo

Oh, this rollerskating talk reminded me of this. Some like it, some don’t. See for yourself.


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