Just a quick reminder: tonight’s choice of food by Toshie and Nikolaj at Stichting Centrum will be accompanied by ingenious sounds of Amy McKnight & Her Jerusalem 9 and Branson Thorpe Anderson.

Amy Mc Donalds

Amy’s freak folk drone jazz noise comes from the memories collected on the beaches of Australia that are articulated through soothing tones of her high register with bass aftertaste and mid mellows. This voice just sounds good. So do the instruments that are forming a tight bond with this vocal. There is a piano, bass, woodwind section, junk jazz drumming, digital effects, banjo, electric guitar, harmonica and a Chinese flute and all of it on one stage. Do you actually want to miss it?

If Amy is not enough the stage will be occupied for some time by Branson Thorpe Anderson talented folk/blues songwriter whose serious musical journey started already when he was 17. His sounds is mixture of golden country oldies by Hank Williams, Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline, buzzing classics by Led Zeppelin and Velvet Underground and blues and punk orientated contemporaries such as White Stripes. Branson

Check it all out at Stichting centrum, Violenweg 2, this Wednesday 23 October at 7pm for dinner (3,5 euro) and 8:30pm for concert (donation is welcome!)

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