Coming from the culture that doesn’t celebrate All Hallows Eve, I will carefully admit that witches, zombies, dripping blood and other Halloween half-deads, half-alives simply don’t do the trick for me. But, as I don’t know enough or almost anything about it, a drop of blo… erhm knowledge might catapult me under the wings of this craze along with half of the planet.


Even though acquiring knowledge through literature could be very good, first hand experience is always better. So I’m thinking to bravely escort myself through creaking doors of Prison Gate Museum this Saturday 26 October and see/hear what is this Halloween all about.

The small corridors, staircases and prison cells keep well protected the secrets to death and survival, crime and punishment of hundreds of prisoners being held behind the spooky walls of the former prison in the city center of the Hague. At 10 pm sharp, 1,5 hour long story-telling session will start that will weave enchanting tales on this sinister building and Halloween traditions and roots.

Prison Gate Museum,  Buitenhof 33, Saturday 10pm for stories in English or at 8|9|11 pm for tours in Dutch. Tickets only at the door for € 17.50. Ouch.

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