Not a lot of times you get a chance to attend an exhibition in the forest. But combine Halloween with bunch of creative people and you’ll get a display of something (presumably artistic) in the nature.

Scheveningen BOsjesIt’s all happening in Scheveningse bosjes this Thursday, 31 October,  around 8pm. The exact location is where the X is shown on the map. Bring your flashlight, print the map, follow the road leading you through the big iron gate, come to the building facing the cemetery and…

…And let the imaginative students from KABK share their world with you. You will be enjoying works by Jordan Herregraven, Samira Damato, Eva Lagrange, Yair Callender, Bas Kaufman, Mihaly Stefanovicz, Maya Klaassens, Wojciech Kruszewski, Alex Mc Ewan.

It might rain. But do you really care?

Scheveningse bosjes, Thursday, 31 October, 8pm until the devil takes his… whatever!

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