Sunflower is a plant coming to Europe somewhere in 16th century probably from Mexico, but most certainly from the American continent. Since then it is widely used in nutrition of people, cattle and production of paper. Sunflower could be a seed or oil or – why not – international music collective gathering musicians from Royal Music Conservatory.

01final                     01final2

These musicians were invited to I’m Binck festival to add a bit of sound to the work exhibited at CONCEPTBOX artist expo gallery.  Andres Alaru Jazz Quartet starts grooving at 7pm followed by cheerful music coming from Paul Istance and The Magic Mumble Jumble (trumpet, tuba, violin, double bass, percussion, guitar, piano, flute) at 9pm. Music. Music. Music.

01final3                03                 01final4

One hour later, expect the Uprising – yes, it is all about root rock reggae. At 11pm sharp, the podium is opened for a jam session where you and your instrument have a chance for few minutes of glory.

And while the music lasts, paintings, illustrations, photos, video works, interior design installations will follow. The works belong to Aiden Wong | Ivan Cadre | Riben Lewis | Valentine Clemence de Gilde | Danielle Guillonard| Marcus van Soest | Danielle Frenken | John Guillonar | Broeder Floor | Lisa van Binnendijk | Astrid van der Velde | Michel van Soest | Carol Salt | Judith van der Meer | Kevin Salt

Binkhorstlaan 174, 2 November 2013, 7pm until the voice, strings, moods are lost. Entrance is free.


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