It’s been forever since my last visit to Di Verso & Lilly Pink dinners and forever, my friend, is a long, long time. One of the reasons though is their move back to the beating heart of the pulsing city centre. From now on, they will feed you at the EXO, a venue as fresh as the spring onions or summer rain!

EXO is the new gallery/multi-disciplinary space/something/that thing that will house exhibitions and other cultural and social activities. The creative geniuses of Yair Callender, Ramon Ottenhof, Machiel van Soest, Alina Valentina and Steef Barneveld joined their forces and EXO was born. The official opening takes place on Friday 21 February with the general rehearsal scheduled for this Wednesday with Di Verso Dinner.


Menu is not as exciting as usual (traditionally Dutch this time) but I am sure it will be equally delicious. Lilly Pink is serving two sorts of stamppot along with vegetable stew, salad and apple mousse. Dessert is a bit on the boring side and oh, yes, oh so Dutch: Creamy Yoghurt with cooked pears.

And what would be the best music to serve with Dutch food. Chinese folk, of course! played by the Hague one and only Dj Jen Min Lau. Now for Chinese folk you really, really, really have to be there.

EXO, New Molstraat 14a2, Wednesday 19 February 6pm. Don’t forget to take some cash with you and reserve your space!

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