So do you have a clue what is THE CLUE, TAT or Café Playreading? I’ll give you few hints that don’t necessarily follow the order of previously cited words. It is performing and friendly, adventurous, innovative, yet old-fashioned, exciting, playful, theatrical, and finally engaging. Any guesses? Anyone?

CLUEYes! That is 100% absolute truth! TAT Café Playreading is a performance of a play by a group of readers, professional actors and theatre lovers. The TAT (TheArte of Theatre) is a company focusing on creating theater from its essence. Their February play of choice is… Drums please… The CLUE –  a 1985 comedy-mystery film based on the board game of the same name. And Café De La Gare is… Well, this time it will be a secluded New England Mansion belonging to Mr. Boddy.

The year is 1954. The night is dark and stormy. No moon in sight. Is this sending the shivers down your spine? Wait til the end! Six strangers gather at the dinner party. The door is opened by the house butler Wadsworth who gives them colorful pseudonyms to protect their identity. Mr. Boddy shows up during dinner and the guests discover they have been blackmailed! Dum-dum-dum! What happens next? Mr. Boddy becomes a body! No spoiler intended but seriously, you didn’t see it coming? It’s up to the guests to discover who killed who, where, why and how. Do you have a CLUE?

Take your chance this February and have a peek through the veil of mystery surrounding the city of the Hague.

Café de la Gare, Nieuwe Schoolstraat 13 A, 25 February 2014, 8pm. Be there – dead or alive! Entrance is free. Friends are welcome!

And check the previous edition for the taste of theater!

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