No wonder it has been so quiet here lately. The Hague’s life has been so alive for the past two months that one needed to be at least a super hero to live through just a tiny bit of it all. On the top of my head – there was Rooftop festival in the PIP, African festival with a stage on Het Plein, Hoogtij throughout the galleries in the city center, F.A.S.T was having a policy of a “Festival per weekend” with hippies, hoppers, dreamers, beach volleyball players… And the events’ announcements keep popping out.

Opening of Hoogtij

This weekend, get ready for some Funk in De Bieb, L’Aperitivo in De Twee Heren, Park Pop, Dance Walk through the Hague’s downtown, soulful beats in Brave Hendrik, some Extreme Tango in Est Est Est, exhibition opening and book launch in Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus or a Night in the (Zuider) Park.

As usual there is a bit of everything for everyone. All you need is to make a choice!

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