Do not worry! I repeat Do.Not.Worry! Nothing is going to explode… unless you count on the imagination of Iraas Korver and Annemiek Wensing, the heart(s) of mime group Optie Z.

REAKTORWith a help of various actors and Wilfred Van de Peppel as the director, the two embarked on an expedition into the Hague’s dunes, searching for the possibilities of alternative evolution of the human beings. While exploring the scenery (carefully crafted by Merlot Lucille Bos) you might be taken by surprise by the creatures, resembling humans, jumping out of the bushes, performing their rituals. “Stick to the guide, do not feed them!”, says the warning stamped on the performance flyer!

Working with minimal resources and maximal dose of humor, Optie Z tries to create a new, imaginative world in the well known landscape of Westduinpark. Reaktor is a visual, physical performance, mime piece accompanied by the live music from Skelectief.

Mime Group Optie Z was founded in 2008 by a couple of artists hungry for a bite of improvisation, taste of abstraction, a glimpse into visual arts and a feel of absurdity. Their performances are held on the unusual locations forcing you to walk off the beaten tracks of your own imagination.


The one and a half hour long theatrical guided tour includes a drink and will cost € 12.50. If you want lunch with it, be prepared to spare € 17.50.

Westduinpark, Strandtent De Fuut, Zuiderstrand 6, exit 10 and then go to the left, 23, 28, 30 August 2014 at noon and 2pm. Reserve your spot online or call 070-3549074

I’ll be there, you?


Dutch language tips and tricks: Michael Moeken

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