Humanity House fact: Every day 30 million people around the world are exploited in the clothes’ production industry. Inhuman work conditions and large-scale disasters involve deaths of hundreds of people. This prompted six talented artists and designers to search for the ways to add some honesty and humanity into fashion industry and produce sustainable and fair fashion. To present their projects, they used Fair Fashion Lab created in the premises of Humanity House.

ARne HendriksIn the lab, Arne Hendriks  pledges for conscious buying. He urges you to ask (and think) about the conditions in which the clothes you are buying are being produced.

TINKEBELL  reports from Savar, sub-district of Dhaka in Bangladesh, where Rana Plaza, an eight story commercial building featuring garment-factory collapsed in April 2013. More than 1100 people died in the accident.

MOniqueFashion designer Monique van Heist tailored a “protest coat” that is to be used as a tool to call for fairness in the fashion business. She made public her design patterns and revealed steps taken to make an item of clothing.

Hilde Roothart, Dutch trend watcher and trend interpreter explores the relation between designer, maker and consumer. Using a loom installation, visitors can create a work of clothing art.

Architecture studio space&matter  presents an installation devoted to transparency in the clothing industry while Natascha van der Velden connect the use of certain fabrics and its influence on the society. She is a researcher at TU Delft and a specialist in sustainable fabrics.

Fair Fashion Lab is opened for visitors every day from 10am (weekends from noon) til 5pm. Humanity House, Prinsegracht 8.

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