DEAD WESTERN 2Dead Western is Alive! Living as Neanderthal yet angelic Troy Mighty, he brings groan of aging trees, shift of the rocks, hiss of the wind, scuttling of insects. He looks like a Grecian statue. He feels like your fever dreams. He cuddles the dark, hugs the sad, outbursts in beauty of life. He moves your consciousness. He touches your heart.

For a day, for a night, Dead Western invades Elatiko transmitting the grandeur of psychedelic avangardistic folk through a unique performance, leaving you breathless.

There are thousands of living rooms in The Hague but there is only one that is inspirational enough to open its doors to you. Flower’s Kitchen feeds you with ¨Magic Pie Menu¨. Reservation is necessary.


Due to limited space, request for attendance is compulsory. Be kind and fill in this form http://elatikoelatiko.wordpress.com/contact/

Kind people from Elatiko will respond asap!

Thursday, 23 October 2014, 7pm. Address to be shared by Elatiko 😉

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