Volkspaleis (People’s Palace) is back: bigger, louder and more versatile than ever. This project, developed by Gallery West, took a long stroll from Grote Kerk where it was located in 2012, getting lost between the hunting walls of Electriciteits Fabriek in 2013, to find this year’s nest in Zuiderstrandtheater. While waiting for the main occupants – Dr Anton Philips and Lucent Dance Theatre – this grandiose space serves as a temporary stage for exhibitions, theater and music performances, movies, lectures and workshops that are part of this year’s Volkspaleis.

Volkspaleis_2014_SmolenskiAs described on the website, Volkspaleis is “located behind the dunes where the sound of the wind forms a natural backdrop”. Tempting as it is, this line is sufficient to drag you to one of the events that are to be experienced during one month-long pop-up cultural tease. The only two pre-conditions for the use of the offered program are to leave the prejudice outside and take the earplugs inside.


Once out, Peter van der Meer exchanged his ear-plugs for a pen to write about Mark Bain‘s presentation of the interaction of acoustics, architecture and physical/mental reactions to infrasonics: sounds below the human hearing threshold.

Zuiderstrandtheater, Kranenburgweg 211, Scheveningen, 18|10|2014 — 16|11|2014

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