Today I am teaching you how to make a paper boat. Step one: Fold the paper. Step two: Jump on board of the one that is already made. Sailing in a paper boat might sound silly, but don’t let the cardboard fool you, “Binckie” is there to defy the logic.

“Binckie” is the project child of Jeroen and Carmen, creative duo behind the mysterious name Mr. and Mrs. Gray. Apart from being adventurous and daring, their intention is to show it’s easy to recycle with a bit of paper, cardboard and biodegradable glue.

Paperboat 1Five meters long Binckie takes you on a short ride around Trekvliet, connecting Binckhorst and Laakkwartier. Although its journey is nearing the end, you can still catch a ride or two this weekend, from noon until 5pm.

If you want to be sure you’ll be on board, make an appointment.

Step in and out:

Rowing Club De Laak | Binckhorstlaan 285, Den Haag

Pavilion Kobus | Trekweg 121, Den Haag

Rides are free, donations are appreciated.

Photos: Maarten Fleskens

(And if you really want to learn how to make a paper boat – check wiki how)

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