01Yes, you’ve seen them all, so many times. Hamlet, The Tempest, Richard III or the Sonnets have been taken seriously, not so seriously, abstract, colorful, black and white, on stage, on-screen, in the nature. This fall, Shakespeare’s timeless works are back – as fresh as ever – in the form of a Fringe Festival.

The first Shakespeare Fringe Festival weekend is presented by STET, The Hague’s English theatre. Innovative interpretations of the old master’s works are jumping out from the Zaal 3, a forward venue of Theater aan het Spui. On the fringe, everything is possible so be prepared for Hip Hop sonnets or humorous examination of Hamlet.
If you like Shakespeare and you miss a piece of Edinburgh in the Hague then get your tickets here for €27.50 to €37.50.

Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 3, De Constant Rebequeplein 20A, 21|11|2014 – 23|11|2014. The show must go on from 5:30pm on Friday, 3:30pm on Saturday or 12:30pm on Sunday until… the adventurous becomes meek.

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