STET English Theater invites the actors, Theater aan het Spui provides the space, together they are presenting The Hague Shakespeare Fringe Festival. During the fourth weekend of November, you will have the chance to see the acts already awarded with quite some stars in the sharp reviews during Edinburgh and Stockholm Fringe Festivals.

sonarThe festival’s first evening brings three acts, all three never before seen in the Netherlands. The UK based Conker Group presents Nowadays with Sonar, a cheeky improvisation on The Tempest involving two young men, one storm and a guest appearance from the audience. Lucky or unlucky enough, a newcomer on the stage could be no other than you. A piece of theater that questions the importance of what’s old and past, performed by the company “looking sideways at the everyday”.

Before and after the show and throughout the festival, Devon Glover tries his luck as The Sonnet Man while Shakespeare’s love sonnets dance to the hip hop rhythms, bringing the 16th century poetry to the 21st century audience. Shakespeare’s rich language combined with passionate interpretation equals to an ingenious project produced by the Broadway playwright Arie Shaw.

Grand drapes rise for the last time this evening with Lost in Denmark presented by Het Vijfde Bedrijf, from the Netherlands. Starting from the web search that gave 12 million results in 30 seconds, Dutch actress Annemarie de Bruijn endeavors in a virtual hunt for Hamlet, this man world keeps talking about. Through Hamlet’s best friend Horatio, she starts to connect pieces of this profound riddle.


Get your Sheakspeare tickets here for €27.50

Theater aan het Spui, Zaal 3, De Constant Rebequeplein 20A, 21|11|2014, 5:30pm until you get what’s this Hamlet hype all about.

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