Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus: Digging Up Clouds (Sjoerd Knibbeler)There are 22 spaces, galleries, alleys, even improvised movie theaters that will welcome you this Friday, 28 November, during the 39th edition of Hoogtij, the cultural event that takes you through the most interesting art spots in The Hague. As usual, there are plenty of things to see, including experimental art installations and different kind of performances.

During four hours long event, you’ll be able to join several (Dutch speaking) tours or take a bike ride with Bryan Diender,  presenting some of The Hague’s favorites in his best English. Before the tours, around 6pm, be welcome at GEMAK, Paviljoensgracht 20-24, for a cup of soup, and don’t forget to reserve your spot beforehand in one of the walking/cycling groups.

If you feel adventurous, pick your own route following this map. Check an interactive art installation in Moose, enjoying bubbles and lights of a glamorous yet absurd movie premiere. Or walk to Quartair to see the work of nine contemporary artists from south Tirol and the Hague that are using different art forms to show connection to their birthplaces.

Moose: Lights on (Charlotte van Winden)

1646 uses a video work by Shana Moulton to teach you how to deal with stress, Acte de Presence offers 15m2 to artist duo Somer-Meijer for a 24-hour long confrontation and EXO hosts a solo exhibition of portraits by Yvette Teeuwen that includes a live performance. That doesn’t say much but could be worth exploring. Or not.

In GEMAK, Friso Spoelstra uses his camera to absorb the customs and habits of people from 16 European countries. While you are in the neighborhood, take a peek at the Nextdoor Window, walk a little further to Dig up some Clouds and enjoy the coast of the North Sea in Liefhertje en De Grote Witte Reus or experience the art of making your own booklet, using a digital stencil machine in Grafische Werkplaats. Tasteful

Sis Josip, a gallery that looks like your living room (and collaborates with In Your Living Room), displays 18+ content, lovers of animated gifs will find their heaven in Noordwal and music enthusiasts should start their tour in Nutshuis or visit ReFunc. It would be a shame to skip food, glorious food. Have a taste of music at Studio Loos and reserve a spot at Tasteful Turntables.

Various locations, Friday 28 November 2014, 6pm until we meet.

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