FLAMENCOWhat do Seville, flamenco and The Hague have in common? Passion for dancing that comes with the face and in a shape of Marga Pérez’s flamenco dance routine. Seville born and based flamenco dancer, teacher and choreographer, Marga is regularly visiting The Hague to give dancing workshops. The next one is planned for the weekend of 22 August 2015, at airy space of Noordwal 117.

Check her website Flamenco Undeground for the complete schedule. The first workshop, starting at 11am is designed especially for beginners; the next one is suitable for all levels.

Marga is promising a liberating trip to the heart of flamenco and your own being while being captured by the music, rhythm, movement, coordination and technique. She is currently working on a project “EX”, a blend of fine art, flamenco and modern dance, electronic music and wild percussion, bringing to a boil passion, mystery and humor.

Saturday 22 August, Sunday 23 August 2015, Noordwal 117, 11am until you get your moves right!
Magda 01

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