Zwarte Pad’s jewel Indigo never dissapoints! This Friday they are bringing the heat back during the African edition of the Indifest, a beach party presenting live music, groovy dj acts, quirky performances and a hippy market.

The party starts at 8pm with Dandana‘s hypnotizing jams and infectious grooves. Dandana originated in 2012 and started shaping their sound and style while skateboarding the streets of their hometown The Hague. Their synth sound is influenced by raw funk, gritty soul, psych, 70’s soundtracks, fuzzy African highlife and groovy rhythms.

Art work by Raffaello Visconti

Two hours later a guitar, bass and drums from Big Whoop take over the stage with their booty shakin’ grooves during a funky eclectic carpet ride! Ghent (Belgium) based trio promises to bring the grooves if you bring the moves.

The evening closes with Ebou Gaye Mada on percussion and African jam at midnight.

Radio Noet-Noet will entertain you during the breaks with their melodic and refreshing yet familiar sound!

Every Friday and Saturday Night
It’s Pata Pata time!
The dance keeps going all night long
Til’ the morning sun begins to shine!

Beach club Indigo, Friday, 28 August, 6pm til 2am, entrance free til 9pm, otherwise €5. See you!

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