A pair of fast sneakers and a world record in long running would not be enough to help you see the whole program scheduled for tonight’s Museum Night. Some choices needed to be made so this is what I came up with, step by step, stop by stop, venue by venue.


1. Gevangenpoort/Prison Gate Museum, Buitenhof 33

We start the evening in front of Gevangenpoort at 8pm sharp, to discover extraordinary history of centuries-old cell complex and witness the acting-out of brutal punishments for immoral acts in the courtyard. The guided tour of the cell complex takes 30 minutes and starts every quarter hour. The performances in the courtyard last for 10 minutes and also start every quarter hour.

2. Tweede Kamer in collaboration with ProDemos, Lange Poten 4

Who wouldn’t want to experience a chat with Thorbecke or Den Uyl and find out what happened on the Night of Schmelzer! One time opportunity awaits in the Tweede Kamer where guides dressed up as historical figures tell you all about The Tweede Kamer and its 200-year-old history.

3. Haags Historisch Museum, Korte Vijverberg 7

As part of the exhibition Op ’t duin (On the dunes), you’ll have the chance to have your picture taken as ‘Senior Showin’ Skin’ in antique swimwear. I need this one for my collection!

Haags Historisch Museum - museumnacht

4. Koninklijke Schouwburg, Korte Voorhout 3

Take a peek behind the scenes, from artists’ entrance, through the corridors backstage onto the stage welcoming you with resounding applause from the audience. All this while the actors tell you about the history of the stunning, royal theater.

5. Escher in het Paleis, Lange Voorhout 74

I am tempted to make a stop at Escher in Het Paleis because I really want to make my own tag, see break-dancers shake things up in the ballroom, and uncover Escher’s own technique when creating a monogram with linoleum. Follow me!

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